I warmly welcome the 2017 Orfű NAVIGA Radio Controlled Model Sailing World Cup participants: athletes, escorts, sports referees, organizers, spectators! We are honored that the local Sailing Association – and thus Orfű - won the right to organize this prestigious event. We do our best to meet expectations and to provide appropriate competition venues and recreational opportunities in every aspect. In order to do that we have great facilities and capabilities to offer. Orfű is nationally renowned as the picturesque pearl holiday village in the Western Mecsek Mountains. We became a nationally well known recreational destination mostly due to our system of lakes and the availability of our connected services. The township located in Orfű valley, has once consisted of five separate villages (Orfű, Mecsekrákos, Bános, Mecsekszakál and Tekeres) and received its current outlook during the nineteen-sixties by the development of the four lakes system. As a result, the former neighboring towns are now connected by the lakes.
The diverse flora and fauna is a combined result of the natural environment and the system of lakes. Among the unique elements of the natural environment the „Water-headspring” and the „Dragon-well” deserves particular attention, among the architectural cultural heritages the furnace yard the Poppy bulb house which is under industrial historical protection, the chapels of former villages and the image of Tekeres main street represents significant values. A nationally significant historical and industrial heritage is the watermill museum’s building complex part of which is the country’s oldest operating mill. Among the opportunities provided by the lakes we can highlight local open water beaches and the aquapark. The wide range of recreational opportunities are enriched with water sports, fishing, horse riding, cycling and hiking. I hope our preparations exceed your expectations, and that you are going to have a pleasant time so we can welcome you again in the future as our returning guests.
Zita Füziné Kajdy


As the event coordinator sees it

We were talking to Csóka László, the event coordinator of the 2017 NAVIGA RC Sailing World Championship about his plans concerning the execution of the world cup event and his expectations about the races. Laci and I have known each other for a long time, we live in the same city, we sail RC sailboats together, and more so, if there is a technical problem with any of my boats, he remedies the situation. Please excuse our casual conversation style.
Before talking about the WC, let us know how long you have been sailing model boats.

I started making models in 1962 when I was at primary school, as seen in my old MHS membership card (MHS stands for Hungarian Military Sportsclub). First I only built plane models, although influenced by Dékány books I had always been keen on model boats. As far as I remember it was in 1966 or 1967 after following András Vönöczky’s instructions I built my first DM class boat, which was still a model boat without a remote control as such a thing did not exist then.

I know that you have been the event coordinator of several races, however never of a world championship so far. Does it require a different approach from organizing a yearly European Championship?

Definitely. The European Cup events are suitable as practice, training for organizing a WC. More competitors from more countries, higher federation requirements and the larger media attention each make the event planners organize the event in better quality. Iam not referring to the rules as they are the same in every race, even at a club regatta. A WC involves a lot of extra organizing such as providing accurate information, services to the participants, which through the flawless organization can have an impact on judging our dear country, therefore everything must work out well. The responsibility is much greater.

You have participated in several world championships. Which one of them is the most memorable? Is there any element that you would adopt?

The 1992 Sopron World Cup impressed me most. After the fall of the iron curtain we had participants from a great many countries. The organization was carried out excellently by the late Sosztarich András.

How did the choice fall on Orfű, as the venue of the WC?

I have always wanted to organize a world cahmpionship in this wonderful place. We have always maintened good relations with Orfű Sailing Club, therefore we have been organizing events here for 24 years. Since 2014 we have had the opportunity to organize the European Cup as well. The president of the sailing section of our international organization has also participated in these international events. The organization won his approval so we brought up the subject of having the WC here. He found the venue and the organization suitable for a world championship and we applied to the world association NAVIGA through our national federation. The international organization accepted our application and we are pleased to organize the XIX NAVIGA RC Sailing World Championship in Orfű, on Pécsi Lake.


Discover the natural beauties and folk traditions of rural Hungary! Visit the south of Hungary and explore its gem, Orfű, a little village set in a picturesque valley surrounded by the gentle hills of the Mecsek Mountains. Orfű, the village of 900 inhabitants has something special to offer for everyone. Whether you long for a peaceful, relaxing getaway or can hardly wait to immerse yourself in outdoor pursuits you will find here everything you need for a perfect holiday: excellent climate, fresh air, beautiful landscape dotted with small lakes and caves, friendly and hospitable locals and a wide range of activities to choose from. You can go hiking along the many waymarked footpaths that criss-cross the Mecsek Mountains, get on your bike and go for a gentle spin or a more challenging ride on our continuously expanding network of bicycle routes, dip in the lake or enjoy the thrilling rides down the slides of Aquapark or take your pick from the many services offered by Active Watersport Centre. The more than 150 private houses, apartments, B&Bs and campsites offering comfortable accommodation, restaurants giving a taste of traditional Hungarian cuisine as well as historic monuments, equestrian centres and year-round sports, arts, entertainment and cultural events make your holiday complete. Should you have time to explore further afield, visit the neighbouring village Abaliget and its stalactite cave, taste the homemade goat cheese in Kovácsszénája, wander around the tiny hamlet of Husztót or head for Pécs, a lively and vibrant city, the European Capital of Culture in 2010, only 20 kms away. Leave your everyday worries behind, visit us and immerse yourself in the colours of Orfű!


Main organizer Laszló Csóka
Race manager Antal Székely
Media manager Ferenc Kálmándy
Regatta manager Dr. Imre Bodnár
Accessory manager István Kellényi
Marketing manager Laszló Csóka Junior
Accomodation manager Annamária Kurilla & Szabina Bencze
Location manager Péter Ribacz
Regatta doctor Dr. András Roisz