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This DIY technique for a furniture makeover is so easy! Click to read this step-by-step tutorial that walks you through decoupaging a dresser. Decoupage decorated to crossfit társkereső high standard they make a perfect gift set.

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Available in a range of sizes amd designs from my Etsy shop! These gorgeous flower pots are perfect for dressing up your container garden and coordinating with your patio set.

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See the full video tutorial for details. My top tips are to make sure that you have prepped your surface well with white paint and work on a small section at a time to avoid lumps and bumps. Keep your overlaps as small as possible! Zowel de nieuwe als de oudere artikelen zijn bij ons verkrijgbaar.

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Zoekt u Marianne Design artikelen, maar kunt u ze niet bij ons vinden? Stuur dan een lépéseket 3 lecke 1.

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meet naar hobbynu. Wij kijken dan of het product nog leverbaar is.

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These are the best papers to use in the decoupage technique for both beginners and advanced users, due to their excellent quality, and durability. One of the most terrific things about this type of craft is that it can be done both elegantly by adults and then also by kids to have fun.

You may be surprised at how pretty your projects look, even on your first try. That simple glue and paper, attached to a surface such as a wood box, glass plate or even a ceiling fan can look so great.

These napkins are lovely as party napkins, adding a touch of elegance to your table, be it a tea party, an event, or the dining table. They also make beautiful decoupage napkins for napkin decoupage and repurposing furniture and household items.

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In addition, they work wonderfully for collage, scrapbooking, mixed media, and other paper crafts. There are 6 cards on this decoupage rice paper sheet depicting various elements including lavender pots, hearts, perfume bottles, baskets, and signs.

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Stamperia rice papers are very easy to use. Apply mod podge on background surface then smooth on rice paper starting at the center of the sheet, pushing outwards with fingers to eliminate wrinkles and bubbles.