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I'm afraid not.

It started worse than ever about two minutes ago. Oh, dear! If it's worse it's a single tánc hanover it's nearly over. So cheer up, Captain; and buy a flower off a poor girl.

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I'm sorry, I haven't any change. For a sovereign? I've nothing less. Oh do buy a flower off me, Captain. I can change half-a-crown.

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  • Сердце Николь едва не выпрыгнуло из тела, когда она увидела, что одно из поверженных существ было молодой женщиной, бронзовотелой, с пронзительными голубыми глазами и короткими кудрявыми волосами.
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Take this for tuppence. Now don't be troublesome: there's a good girl. There's a bloke here behind taking down every blessed word you're saying. I've a right to sell flowers if I keep off the kerb. Cries of Don't start hollerin. Who's hurting you?

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Nobody's going to touch you. What's the good of fussing?

Steady on. Easy, easy, etc. Less patient ones bid her shut her head, or ask her roughly what is wrong with her. A remoter group, not knowing what the matter is, crowd in and increase the noise with question and answer: What's the row? What she do? Where is he? A tec taking her down. Yes: him over there: Took money off the gentleman, etc.

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The flower girl, distraught and mobbed, breaks through them to the gentleman, crying mildly] Oh, sir, don't let him charge me. You dunno what it means to me. They'll take away my character and drive me on the streets for speaking to gentlemen. Who's hurting you, you silly girl?

Ричард и Николь глядели на нее с удивлением.

What do you take me for? It's all right: he's a gentleman: look at his boots. What else would you call it?

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A sort of informer. Do I look like a policeman? How do I know whether you took me down right? You just show me what you've wrote about me.

What's that? That ain't proper writing. I can't read that. I can. I meant no harm. I make no charge.

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Anybody could see that the girl meant no harm. What business is it of yours? You mind your own affairs.

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He wants promotion, he does. Taking down people's words! Girl never said a word to him. What harm if she did? Nice thing a girl can't shelter from the rain without being insulted, etc.

He ain't a tec. He's a blooming busybody: that's what he is. I tell you, look at his boots. Never you mind. They did.

Shaw, George Bernard: Pygmalion

You were born in Lisson Grove. It wasn't fit for a pig to live in; and I had to pay four-and-six a week. Live where you like; but stop that noise.

Я просто не могу.

I'd single tánc hanover to go into the Housing Question with you, I would. Popular interest in the note taker's performance increases. Bly me! You know everything, you do. Don't you stand it from him. Where's your warrant? Let him say what he likes. I don't want to have no truck with him.

Világosság, 1950. október-december (6. évfolyam, 229-303. szám)

You take us for dirt under your feet, don't you? Catch you taking liberties with a gentleman! Bad manners koncertek 2021 tell HIM where he come from if you want to go fortune-telling. Cheltenham, Harrow, Cambridge, and India.

Quite right. Reaction in the note taker's favor. Exclamations of He knows all about it.

Told him proper. Hear him tell the toff where he come from? May I ask, sir, do you do this for your living at a music hall? I've thought of that. Perhaps I shall some day. The rain has stopped; and the persons on the outside of the crowd begin to drop off. I shall get pneumonia if I stay in this draught any longer. Did I say that out loud? I didn't mean to.

Rádió újság, 1931 (8. évfolyam, 1-13. szám)

I beg your pardon. Your mother's Epsom, unmistakeably. I was brought up in Largelady Park, near Epsom. What a devil of a name! Excuse me.

Don't dare speak to me. Oh, please, please Clara. Oh, thank you. The note taker blows a piercing blast.

I knowed he was a plain-clothes copper. That ain't a police whistle: that's a sporting whistle. My character is the same to me as any lady's. I don't know whether you've noticed it; but the rain stopped about two minutes ago. So it has. Why didn't you say so before? I can tell where you come from. You come from Anwell. Go back there.

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Haw haw! So long [he touches his hat with mock single tánc hanover and strolls off]. Frightening people like that! How would he like it himself. It's quite fine now, Clara. We can walk to a motor bus. But the cab—[her mother is out of hearing]. Oh, how tiresome! All the rest have gone except the note taker, the gentleman, and the flower girl, who sits arranging her basket, and still pitying herself in murmurs.

Poor girl! Hard enough for her to live without being worrited and chivied.