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And példa egy ember társkereső, can this be stated often enough? I am writing these notes for the American showing of »It Happened in Europe« while at work on my new film, »Women of Sabina«, which is about the homeless and abandoned women of Europe.

Kanadai Magyar Munkás, A 3 é­­ves terv legközelebbi tényezője az eleven ember, a szakmunkás. Nem tudjuk végrehajtani a 8 éves tervet és még kevésbé az utána követke­ző még merészebb és hazánk új­jászületésének még fontosabb ter­veit, ha idejekorán nem gondosko­dunk a szakmunkások utánpótlá­sáról.

Lost women, lost children! When will the world let these women and children come together again? My new film will be a protest against this modern, absurd and abject reign of paper and red­­tape.

It will, I hope, show that wherever fundamentally decent people are, whether on the high­ways, as in »It Happened in Eu­rope«, or in concentration capms, as in »Women of Sabina«, and no matter under what terrible cir­cumstances, there humanity blos­soms.

It is the hope of the world, even in the face of the dark clouds of suspicion and distrust still threatening our horizons. Variety Theatre — Feb. I abandoned the film and returned to my former profession as a journalist, traveling through Europe as a repor­ter.

In I returned to my own country, Hungary.

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Transportation had been almost totally disrupted. I walked the roads to Budapest over the vast Hungarian plains past scenes of incredible devastat­ion.

I'd found one Hungarian article that had said they were given information regarding the extradition proceedings which they had said they received from " a press release sent to our newspaper by the Metropolitan Court" A magyar rendőrség "fejvadászai" kapták el a Kanadában gyilkoló milliomoscsemetéket Not quite how the papers have been reporting it. I'll highlight that in bold in the English version. Note that the translation is not perfect Sajtóközlemény Fővárosi Törvényszék Budapest,

Then one by one, and some­times in small groups, children be­gan to make their appearance on the desolate roads. Did I say children? These phantoms in rags with their brutalized faces — call them ragamuffins, beggars, highway robbers and worse, for they were sometimes forced to kill to get something to eat and not to die that day.

Kanadai Magyar Munkás, 1950-1951 (22. évfolyam, 1-50. szám)

These were more than those once described as »angels with dirty faces. They banded kanadai woman meeting in gangs that knew only one law, the law of the jungle that the adults of the world, who made the war, taught them so well.

For children learn by ex­ample, as we all know.

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And be­cause of that, they could also learn to have faith in the world again, as I was to find out for myself. Here, then, was the theme of my film. During six months I must have interviewed upward of 3, child­ren. Finally, I selected thirty, in­cluding two former inmates of a reformatory and one girl.

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Each told me his story and I kanadai woman meeting these until I obtained a dozen or so typical and characteristic experi­ences with which I wove the fab­ric of my script.

There is not a single episode in the picture that is not true. The note of optimism for the future of these children on which the film closes is no daydream oi mine. They are free to come and go as they please. The state protects them.

It is with this film that I feel I have found the right path. Horváth, as »Kouksi« in »It Hap­pened in Europe«, of whom Rad­­ványi says: »Our greatest sigle discovery a­­mong the children was a little 7- ycar-old by, Laci Horvath, who had spent most of his few years under the bombings of Budapest.

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He plays »Kouksi« kanadai woman meeting the film. Very sensitive, with a remarkable instinct to do just the right thing, he had, miraculously, retained all his childhood innocence and charm despite the horrors he had mana­ged to survive.

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Secretariat points out: that »February 21st will be 1 an occasion to contribute ef- j fectively to the implement-j ation of the decisions of the j historical Warsaw Peace Congress and to strengthen j the struggle against those, j who in order to exploit merciles-sly I the people of the colonial countries, Í are killing thousands of men, women, old folk and children in wars of extermination.

In a very tender scene of the film, »Kouksi« Laci Horváth sets on the piano in the castle and asks some very hard questions about music from The Old Man Arthur Somlay. This already worldfamous film still holds the record for length of run for a motion picture in Paris.

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It played A masterpiece! Should not be mis­sed! A masterpiece!

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The YFL is asking youth and students or­ganisations to explain the strugg­le. In Toronto, the Youth Friendship League is organising an exhibition and a concert rally with the participation of young people from colonial countries for February 21st.

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To me, this is the least interesting fact connected with the making of this picture«, says producer Radványi. He and his wife, the film star Miaria Tasnady, had to sell every­thing they had — furs, jewels and paintings — to raise that money.

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But this is not all! It worked, and we were gratified for more than just the reason of the film, to see how quickly the child­ren began responding to kindness«. The film carries the official en­­dorsation of the Film Division of the United Nations and was high­ly praised by many European no­tables.

It is a human work which must have a profound echo in all classes of j society and in all nations A j human, not political work which might inspire a revolution Tinged with deep and abiding tenderness.

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Beau­tiful photography, superbly direct­ed, and remarkably well played