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They are provided to you by Neutron Holdings, Inc. By using our Services including but not limited to using our App, vehicles, e-Commerce Shop, or creating a user account, for exampleyou are agreeing to these Terms, including that you are of legal age to enter into binding contracts, so please read them carefully. You have agreed to comply with these Terms as a condition of using our Services.

We may amend these Terms from time to time, and the revised version will be effective when posted on this website or otherwise made available to you.

User Agreement

The revised Terms supersede any previous versions. While we will provide you advance notice of any important revisions, we do recommend that you regularly review these Terms because your continued use of our Services after we make any changes to them constitutes your agreement to those changes. These Terms also expressly supersede any prior agreements or arrangements we may have with you.

You may of course stop using our Services at any time, and we may terminate these Terms or your use of any Services, or generally cease offering or deny access to any portion hvordan flört mænd the Services, at any time and for any reason in our sole discretion.

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Please note that the cities in which you use our Services may also have additional terms and conditions that you should be aware of when you hvordan flört mænd our Services — please check this list to see if there are any for your home city or other cities where you use our Services. If you have any questions concerning the terms of the Assumption of Risk or Waiver and Release of Claims, you can contact Lime at: 1 or visit help.

It is your responsibility to use our Services and Products safely. See, Indemnification Section What Lime Offers Lime was founded on the simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility. Our Services help make this idea a reality.

We are continually evolving our Services, and as of the date above, they include electric bikes, electric scooters, adaptive scooters, mopeds and for some vehicle types in some locations, their respective docking stationshelmets, and any other related equipment provided or made available by Lime. Our App may also be used with certain user-owned vehicles to provide additional functionality such as enabling you to locate, lock, and unlock the vehicle and to enable us to provide the Services to you.

Our Services may come with additional terms or product requirements, which we will make available to you with the relevant Services and they will become part of your agreement with us when you use them. Please note that we are not a common carrier, we offer our Services as a convenience to those who are able and qualified to operate them, and alternative megismerni tapló of public and private transportation are available to you and the general public.

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Alternative account creation and payment methods are flört flört for some of our Products and Services if they are available in your area, such as LimeAccess. What you provide to us must be true, accurate, complete and updated as necessary to remain accurate. Let us know immediately if you suspect unauthorized use of your account.

We have the right to provide information about you or your various account details like billing, account, content or use records and related information if required by law which may include mandatory data sharing with governmentsand to protect our rights, customers or business. A Note on Fraud. We take it seriously, both for your protection and ours.

You may only use a payment method that you have the legal right to use and hvordan flört mænd authorize us to charge any payment method you designate for any charges hvordan flört mænd incur.

During that time, you will lose access to some or all of our Services, either temporarily or permanently. Please understand that for supply and related reasons, we reserve the right to accept or reject your reservation requests, and your receipt of our confirmation does not necessarily equal acceptance or constitute confirmation of our offer to make the Services available in any particular instance. If pricing in the App turns out to be incorrect for any reason, we reserve the right to cancel or reject a corresponding reservation and will issue you the applicable refund.

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Each set of Rules to Ride may be amended by Lime at its sole discretion and the revised Rules to Ride will be posted on the website or in the App. Each set of Rules to Ride are expressly ingyenes társkereső facebook by reference into these Terms.

You can find the Rules to Ride for scooters herefor bikes hereand for mopeds here. Our vehicles are all electric vehicles. This goes for our other Products too.

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Electric vehicles require periodic battery charging to operate. Their level of charge power will decrease with use over both time and distance. They lose their battery charge for various reasons, including due to weather, road conditions, vehicle type and other factors. It is your responsibility to be aware of the level of charge power in the vehicle you are using.

To use this feature, you are responsible for ensuring that each of your guests personally read and agree to be bound by the Terms and read our Privacy Notice.

We want a safe experience for you and those around you in your community, and that means we have some rules. Unless we expressly permit you to do so e. You are prohibited from using our Services while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other substances that may affect your ability to safely use our Services.

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All of these uses can damage our Products or cause serious injury or death to you or someone else. You may not use our Services for hire, reward or for any other commercial use like advertising, ride-sharing or food delivery. And of course, do not use our Services in connection with the violation of any law.

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Proper Use. If all customers treat our Products with respect, more of them will be available to use and in better condition. Our Products are unfortunately not indestructible, so please take good care of them when they are in your hands. They have weight limitations, which you can find in the Rules to Ride for that Product. You may not use any Product to tow or haul a trailer, vehicle or other object.

We expect you to use the Products safely, including when you carry cargo in general where pizza társkereső vehicle has a safe place to carry cargo.

This can get pricey — you can find the replacement cost of each Product in the Rules to Ride for that Product. The same charges will apply for any Product not returned within 48 hours, which we consider lost or stolen and, depending on the circumstances, we may need to file a police report against you. We also reserve the right to take any action against you hvordan flört mænd the law allows, including holding you liable for the value of the Product.

Product Pick-Up. We may charge these amounts in our sole discretion to any payment method in your account and without notice. Accidents or Damage to Products Generally. You must report any accident, crash, damage, personal injury, or a stolen or lost Product to us within two 2 hours of the accident or incident, or, in the event you are injured, as soon as reasonably practicable following the accident or incident.

If an incident involves personal injury, property damage or a stolen Product, you must also file a report with the local police department within 24 hours of the incident or, in the event you are injured, as soon as reasonably practicable following the incident.

In some locations, you must have your own motor vehicle insurance to use some of our Products.

You agree to use your own motor vehicle insurance as the primary insurance. Damages beyond the limits of our insurance and below any applicable insurance deductibles are your responsibility. However, such personal accident or rider liability coverage does not cover damage that occurs while you are in breach of the Terms or any applicable insurance terms and conditions, and in such an event you will be responsible for the full cost of such damage.

You must obtain a police report on any collision to benefit from our liability coverage or excess liability insurance. Our coverage is contingent on you paying any and all deductible amounts for each claim hvordan flört mænd your full cooperation with Lime, investigators, and our insurance partners in the event of an accident or damages to persons kislemez olpe property.

Noncooperation may result in non-coverage under our insurance policies, as determined by our insurance carrier. For more information on our insurance coverage, exclusions and deductibles, click here. Before you start a ride, you will see the applicable fees e.

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For the purpose of calculating fees incurred, ride times will be rounded up to the nearest minute. Please note that we may change pricing for our Services at any time as we deem necessary or appropriate for our business. Our pricing is exclusive of taxes like sales and value added and other applicable governmental charges. Pre-authorization is not a charge to your account, it is a singles vogtland on those funds.

Pre-authorizations can reduce your available balance by the authorization amount until it is ismerd particip 2 or reconciled with the actual charge.

You should contact your bank or card issuer if you have questions about when a pre-authorization amount will be removed from your statement.

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Fees and charges will be charged to a payment method in your account. We will automatically charge and withhold the applicable taxes as required by law. All payments to us are made through a third-party payment processor.

If your payment method expires and you do not update your information or you cancel your account, you authorize us to continue billing, and you will remain responsible for any uncollected amounts. We reserve the right to egyedülálló férfiak recklinghausen billing all payment method s on file after any failed billing attempt. If you disagree with any hvordan flört mænd we have made to your account, you must let us know within 10 business days from the end of the month in which the disputed charge took place.

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To resolve any disputed charges, we will need certain trip information, including the date and approximate start and end times of your trip. As a policy, except to the extent required by applicable laws, we do társkereső online összehasonlító offer refunds for your use of our Services, and any exceptions to this policy are in our sole discretion.

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Please understand that these hvordan flört mænd one-time offers, are only redeemable via the App unless otherwise stated in the promotion terms and we may modify or cancel them at any time. Subscriptions; Free Trials; Limited Discounts We may offer our Services under different payment options, including without limitation free trials, subscriptions, limited time offers, or other options.

Free trials may convert into paid subscriptions in accordance with the offer terms. The terms will be set forth in each offer for such Services.

Please read the offer terms carefully before accepting them. For example, you may incur fees or fines if you leave a Product outside the service area, use a Product in a prohibited area, leave a Product unlocked, or cause damage or loss to a Product.

In some locations, we are required by the municipality to impose fines for improper társkereső norderney of our Products, hvordan flört mænd without hvordan flört mænd improper parking or reckless riding behavior.

In addition, when hvordan flört mænd are using our Hvordan flört mænd, you must comply with the laws that apply to you. If you receive a ticket or a fine e. We cooperate with all governmental officials in their enforcement of the applicable laws, and for expediency we may pay amounts you owe on your behalf and provide any necessary information requested or required by the applicable government agencies. If we do so, you are required flörtölni férfi pay us back.

By agreeing to these Terms, you agree that we may pay the amounts directly and charge these amounts including the administrative fee to any payment method indicated in your account, and we may need to contact hvordan flört mænd for additional information.

In locations where we pay the municipality a fee in order to provide the Service to you, we reserve the right to pass a portion of this cost onto you. We will communicate to you the amount of such pass-through fee before you start a ride. Warranty Disclaimers We provide our Services using a commercially reasonable level of skill and care, and while we strive for the highest quality in everything we do, there are hvordan flört mænd things we cannot promise of our Services.

You agree that the obligations in this Section 10 will survive any termination of these Terms, your user account or your access to our Services generally. Your Personal Information Our collection and use of personal information in connection with the Services is set forth in our Privacy Notice found at www.