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Requests the Secretary-General, through his Special Representative for Somalia, to work with the international community to continue to facilitate reconciliation; 3. Requests the Secretary-General to include in his next report recommendations on ways to strengthen burkina faso woman meeting Djibouti peace process; 4. Underlines the crucial importance of all parties taking appropriate measures to ensure, without delay, unhindered humanitarian access and assistance to the Somali people; 5.

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Condemns the recent resurgence in fighting and calls for the end of all hostilities, acts of armed confrontation and efforts to undermine the Transitional Federal Government; 6. Urges Member States, regional and international organizations to contribute generously to the United Nations Trust Fund for the Somali security institutions, and to offer technical assistance for the training and equipping of the Somali security forces, consistent with paragraphs 11 b and 12 of resolution ; 9.

Requests the Secretary-General to continue to assist the Transitional Federal Government in developing the transitional security institutions, including the Somali Police Force and the National Security Force, and further requests the Secretary-General to support the Transitional Federal Government in developing a national security strategy including plans for combating illicit burkina faso woman meeting trafficking, disarmament, demobilization and reintegration DDRjustice and corrections capacities; Calls on the Transitional Federal Government to develop, in the context of the national security strategy outlined above, the legal and policy framework for the operation of its security forces including governance, vetting and oversight mechanisms, ensuring respect for the rule of law and the protection of human rights; Recalls its statement of intent regarding the establishment of a United Nations peacekeeping operation as expressed in resolution ; Requests the Secretary-General to take the steps identified in his report in paragraphssubject to the conditions in his report, and to report on progress by 30 Septemberand again by 31 December ; and expresses its intention to review the situation; Affirms that the measures imposed by paragraph 5 of resolution and further elaborated upon by paragraphs 1 and 2 of resolution shall not apply to supplies and technical assistance provided in accordance with paragraph 11 b of resolution to the Transitional Federal Government for the purposes of the development of its security sector institutions, consistent with the Djibouti peace process and subject to the notification procedure set out in paragraph 12 of resolution ; Requests AMISOM to ensure that all equipment and services provided under the support package are used in a transparent and effective manner for their designated burkina faso woman meeting, and further requests the African Union to report to the Secretary-General on the usage of such equipment and services in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding to be established between the United Nations and the African Union based on appropriate internal control procedures; Requests the Secretary-General, through his Special Representative for Somalia and the United Nations Political Office for Somalia UNPOSto coordinate effectively and develop an integrated approach to all activities of the United Nations system in Somalia, to provide good burkina faso woman meeting and political support for the efforts to establish lasting peace and stability in Somalia új sport tudni to mobilize resources and support from the international community for both the immediate recovery and long-term economic development of Somalia; Decides to remain actively seized of the matter.

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